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Update as of 4 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 6: Lt. Roger Barron with the Bolivar Police Department said three of the four suspects had been identified.

He said the fourth suspect, who was unconscious throughout the incident, "did not appear to be culpable."

The three suspects are from Greene County, he said.

Barron said probable cause statements had been sent to the Polk County prosecuting attorney, and "charges are pending."

The Bolivar Police Department is looking for suspects after a group of men robbed a woman at gunpoint in the Walmart parking lot Saturday night. 

According to Lt. Roger Barron, officers were called to the 2400 block of South Springfield Avenue at around 10 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 2, for a report of an armed robbery. 

“An 18-year-old female reported she was robbed by four others,” Barron said. 

He said the victim knew one of the suspects — a 19-year-old Strafford man — “from previous encounters.” 

“They had met some place else,” Barron said.

He said the woman was with the suspects in a Ford minivan, owned and driven by the Strafford man, in the parking lot when “they produced a handgun and a stun gun and forced her to give over all her money.” 

They stole around $200 from the victim.  

While the suspects didn’t shoot the firearm, Barron said “they did use the stun gun on her to force her out of the van.”

The victim wasn’t seriously hurt, but she suffered burns from the stun gun, he added. 

Officers were able to pull security footage from the business, but “they’re pretty far out, so it doesn’t give us a whole lot of information,” Barron said. 

However, Barron said the suspects initially tried to park behind the store, but the victim convinced them to park in the main parking lot in front.

The victim and the suspects had been driving around in the minivan before the attack. 

“They actually had convinced her to go to an ATM to withdraw some money,” Barron said. 

He said the suspects were also in another store in the area prior to the robbery.  

“We were able to get video from there,” he said, which helped them identify the vehicle and its driver.  

“The three other male subjects never came out of the van to be on video, but we’re working down leads to identify those three, as well,” he said. “One of the suspects has come in and agreed to be interviewed, and that’s producing other leads.” 

Barron praised the victim, saying “in this case, she did everything right” when faced with a scary situation.  

“When they demanded the money, she gave it up,” Barron said. “She didn’t try to fight, she didn’t try to argue.” 

Barron said resisting is often “what leads people to get hurt.”

“When it looks like that danger is imminent, do everything you can to protect yourself,” he said. “Especially if they’re showing a gun, just do what they say.”

Barron also called the victim “a very good witness,” especially considering “she went through something horribly traumatic.” 

He said she was able to give law enforcement a partial license plate number for the minivan, which helped officers track down the driver.   

As the holiday season approaches, Barron added it’s important to use caution when heading out. 

“Especially since we’re hitting that time of year where people are out Christmas shopping, only carry the amount of cash you absolutely have to have,” he said. 

Barron said the investigation is ongoing. As of press time Tuesday, charges had not yet been filed. 

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