Please tell me (city hall) why there is no visible “pooper scooper” ordinance in Bolivar? 

I have counted upward of 25 dog walkers a day, some more than once, using mine and my neighbors’ yards and ditches for their “dog toilets.” This is a sanitation problem that is long overdue for action.

Those of us who maintain these public ditches and rights-of-way, free of charge, should not have to clean dog mess off our shoes in order to perform the task.

Children who roll in the grass should not be exposed to dog urine and dog mess to play in their yards.

Where do these so-called “animal lovers” get off thinking they can keep their yard neat by bringing their problem to us? 

This is disrespectful, inconsiderate and disgusting for those of us who are forced to deal with this anti-social behavior. 

And while we’re on the subject, let’s not leave out the pet owners with several dogs doing their thing inside a fenced area who never clean up the mess. 

Bolivar stinks!

— Dale Stevenson, Bolivar

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