And we’re officially off — tomorrow will see all Polk County schools back in action for the 2019-20 school year.

That fact means more than just a little change is in store for issues of the Bolivar Herald-Free Press, as kids’ faces and accomplishments once again fill robust School and Sports sections.

To mark the official change of season, the BH-FP has been busy this week preparing for special back-to-school coverage planned for the Saturday, Aug. 17, issue.

Among the offerings we have in the works are opportunities to “meet” the staff and teachers who have signed on this year to educate Polk County kids. 

In addition, Saturday’s 15 questions will be answered by a new Polk County school administrator, Pleasant Hope Middle School Principal Lance Gallamore.

We also have a feature story in progress that may be evidence education is in the blood. One of our reporters sat down Monday with a father-daughter teaching duo — Nathan and Kayleigh Rothdiener — to hear how the love of learning can truly be a family affair. 

And on Thursday, one of our photographers is scheduled to tag along and chronicle the little moments in a big first day for a Bolivar kindergartner.

In the meantime, another member of the BH-FP newsroom staff has begun rolling out fall sports previews. Today’s edition looks at the hopes, plans and challenges of all five Polk County fall softball teams. More previews will appear in Saturday’s newspaper and beyond.

All in all, we couldn’t be more ready for a new school year that seems off to a promising start. And it is our deepest hope that, come May, we can all say it ended that way, as well.

In the meantime, in the nine months that lie ahead, we wish our students and staff safety and focus in the new year. We hope for your success both in the classroom and on the field. We wish you learning adventures and new horizons. 

And we look forward to capturing your moments of triumph and gumption, as well as telling the inspiring stories you live out.

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