Pictured are, from left, row 1 — Mrs. Johnson, Jaymelyn Lapworth, Bailey Willard, William Naugle; row 2 — Richie Turnbough, Ryan Nelson, Jarrett Essex, Wyatt McAntire, Mikayla Sponder, Brian Gann, Katelyn Hoskins; row 3 — Tarquin Smith, Nate Lyon, Dodge Hogan, Juan Galan, Caleb Brandon, Toby Kurpjuweit. Not pictured is Ethan Tahtinen.

Humansville High School placed second out of  nine schools at the Polk County League Science Olympiad on Wednesday, Nov. 6.

Students placed in various events, giving the team the points needed to place second as a team. 

According to a release from the school, the following individual students placed in the following events: 

• Jaymelyn Lapworth and Tarquin Smith — second place, toothpick bridge.

• Ethan Tahtinen — first place, straw tower.

• Juan Galan — second place, straw tower.

• Nate Lyon and Brian Gann — second place, “Write It Do It.”

• Dodge Hogan — third place, weather test.

• Galan, Lyon and Toby Kurpjuweit — first place, aluminum boat float.

• Caleb Brandon, William Naugle and Kurpjuweit — third place, catapult.

• Richie Turnbough, Jarrett Essex and Naugle — second place, puff mobile.

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