Recall city hall! Just in case the good folks of Bolivar haven’t noticed, fat chance, there is a huge traffic problem within our midst that nobody at city hall seems to be doing anything about. 

Springfield Street is a nightmare to negotiate and that “bottleneck” at the square is “stupid” beyond description. 

Give this problem to your first grade students and they will solve it in 30 minutes with a couple of cheap stop signs and a stoplight or two. 

This is not a big expensive project. A by-pass is the only solution to the big honking trucks that are lumbering through the courthouse square. Hubba, hubba if you are foolish enough to cross the street on foot. 

Bolivar city government has failed to protect its citizens from potential injury and traffic snarls that severely affect our quality of life. Enough already, do we have to call Trump in on this! 

Beat ‘em at the ballot box next time guys. 

— Dale Stevenson

Response from City of Bolivar

Several times a year, the city is approached with the question – what can you do to reduce traffic congestion on the square and/or congestion south on Springfield Ave.?   

When trying to determine the best decision, one thing to remember is these are not city streets, they are state highways. This means the city may make suggestions, but ultimately Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) must approve any alterations. MoDOT routinely conducts traffic counts of this area and that data has not supported the criteria for the state to install a traffic signal.

Another thing to consider is the expense. MoDOT may be willing to make alterations if the city would finance the project, but the cost of roundabouts or a traffic signal (if a state cost share is not available) can be quite significant. Which in turn would limit the city's ability to repair and maintain the city's existing streets.  

Bolivar is very lucky that the square has maintained its vibrancy. Many communities in southwest Missouri do not have the pedestrian and vehicle activity in their downtowns that we see in Bolivar. Of course, public safety is always a primary concern. In the near future, the city intends to work with Southwest Missouri Council of Government to perform traffic studies and conduct traffic flow scenarios in the areas mentioned to see if we can determine some alternative solutions to help alleviate congestion. Perhaps these studies will provide an affordable solution to address citizens’ concerns. 

— Tracy Slagle, City of Bolivar administrator

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