Citizens Memorial Hospital recently added new technologies to the surgery suite, including the da Vinci X Surgical System and the new Eluxeo 700 series Fujifilm Endoscopes, according to a news release.

“Our providers are excited about the new technology and functionality of the equipment,” Becky Hancock, director of CMH surgical services said in the release.

About the da Vinci robot

“Robotic-assisted surgery isn’t new to CMH,” Hancock said. “Our first da Vinci system was installed in 2015.”

The release said CMH added a second da Vinci robot to its surgical program in September. The hospital upgraded to the da Vinci X Surgical System and moved the da Vinci Si-e Surgical System to the CMH Ambulatory Surgery Center in the Kerry and Synda Douglas Medical Center.

“We have several advantages of having two da Vinci robots,” Board Certified General Surgeon W. Wayne Wolf III, D.O., in practice at CMH Surgical Services Clinic, said in the release. “We have the ability to do both inpatient and outpatient surgeries using the da Vinci systems. This allows us to better align the care that patients require — both pre- and post-operatively — to their recovery.”  

The release said CMH surgeons use the two da Vinci robots for several surgical procedures including: hysterectomies, prostatectomies, colon resections, gallbladder removals and hernia repairs.

One of the main advantages of using a robot during surgery is that “it allows the surgeon to perform complex operations with small incisions,” the release said.

“Patients recover faster and experience less pain than doing traditional open or laparoscopic surgery,” Wolf added.

“The new da Vinci X has a fourth arm, which gives us the ability to help retract and move tissue. We can also operate in more than one area of the abdomen. We are actually able to see three separate areas without having to disconnect the robot from the patient and reconnect it in a different area. Additionally the X has better optics allowing the surgeon to see a three dimensional image instead of a two dimensional image with traditional laparoscopic surgery, which improves visualization.

About the endoscopes

The endoscopy suite at the Douglas Medical Center “has the newest technology available in the area,” the release said, adding that CMH is the first in a nine-state region to purchase and use the new Eluxeo 700 series Fujifilm Endoscopes.

Launched by Fujifilm on July 31, this endoscope has “several enhancements in comfort, efficiency and visualization for the physician,” the release said.

The new endoscopes have an image sensor that enables clear, smooth, high-resolution video. It has a close focus lens system that allows the physician to see as close as 2 mm and with less peripheral distortion. The endoscopes also have better control grip to optimize performance and minimize stress on the physician during procedures, the release said.

“The new endoscopes have much better optics than previous equipment,” John Crighton, M.D., board certified surgeon with CMH Surgical Services Clinic, said in the release. “I have a 170-degree view at the end of the scope rather than 140-degree view. It is more precise, and you can actually see better during procedures.”

CMH uses the new scopes for upper endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures, the release said.

For more information about inpatient and outpatient surgery at CMH, call 328-7245 or go to

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