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When Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and former Texas Tech Red Raider Patrick Mahomes led his team to a thrilling fourth-quarter comeback to win Super Bowl LIV in Miami, Florida, on Sunday, Feb. 2, Polk County’s Staci and Flint Wendland were there to take it all in. 

The couple, who live just north of Bolivar, are lifelong Chiefs fans, Staci said, and started attending games with her family’s season tickets 10 to 12 years ago. 

On Monday, Jan. 19, the morning after Kansas City won the NFC championship game over the Tennessee Titans, Staci said she got a surprise phone call. 

“My phone rang and it was the Kansas City Chiefs telling me that we needed to check our email, because our season tickets got drawn up on the lottery,” she said. 

The selection meant the couple was able to purchase their tickets at a reduced price — under $2,000 apiece, she said. The couple declined to specify the exact price. 

After thinking it over, and unsuccessfully, trying to contact Flint, she said she made the call.

“Finally, I just said, ‘Yeah, we’re going to go,’” she said. “I didn’t ask him. Yeah, we’re going to go to the Superbowl.”

Flint said the trip ended up an expensive experience, but it was worth it. It’s a memory that will last forever. 

“The trip was more with the flight and the hotel, but this was a once in a lifetime opportunity,” he said. 

Flint said the couple met other fans from across the country and across the globe. 

“We met people from Germany, Australia and Ireland,” he said. “They came from all over. It was really just a fun experience.”

All around the airports and hotels in Miami, Flint said other travelers would ask the couple how long they’d been Chiefs fans.

“People would ask us if we’d just jumped on the Chiefs bandwagon,” he said. “It was like, ‘No, we’ve been doing this a long time.’”

In fact, the couple’s fandom runs so strong, they’ve already rewatched the big game at least once. They said they record every game, including the ones they attend. 

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“We’ve already decided that we’re going to start a Super Bowl fund to start saving,” Staci said. “Because we firmly believe that the Chiefs are going to go back to the Super Bowl, and we want to be there for it again.”

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